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Detalles del curso

Be Initiative! (30/09/2019)

”Be Initiative!“ is a training course aiming at empowering young people in turning their innovative ideas into action. It is for those who have an idea in mind and are looking for support in making it happen.

We will explore different ways of possible active engagement both on personal and community level, business and non-profit. You will learn various project design tools and methods, meet successful entrepreneurs and project leaders and have an opportunity to clarify what are the steps you need to take to bring your project to life. Part of the training course will also be focused on Transnational Youth Initiatives of the programme Erasmus+ which will give you an insight to possible international project opportunities.



  • To explore different dimensions of entrepreneurship competence - both personal and community level; business and non-profit; 

  • To provide participants with mentoring and support regarding their individual project ideas;

  • To equip participants with tools to evaluate and develop ideas into successful projects; 

  • To provide knowledge on Transnational Youth Initiatives in the frame of the Erasmus+ programme as a possible tool for international cooperation;

  • To create space for networking and encourage participants to create international partnerships.



The training is for the participants who: 

  • are between 18 and 30 years old; 

  • would like to start a smaller-scale project, either non-profit, business or other; 

  • are interested in Erasmus+ opportunities, namely Transnational Youth Initiatives; 

  • are committed to attend the training for the full duration; 

  • are able to communicate in English; 

  • are from an eligible country. 



The exact content of the training will be specified based on the needs of selected participants, who will receive a programme schedule before the training.

What you can expect:

  • Project development tools

  • Idea pitching

  • Mapping your own resources and personal strengths

  • Site visit of an enterprise

  • Living Library with guest entrepreneurs and project leaders

  • Information on international funding and learning opportunities



Wednesday 27th November is the arrival day. You will need to arrive at the venue in Prague latest 5 pm as we will be starting the programme in the early evening. From 28th to 30th November we will have three full days dedicated to the programme of the training. 1st December, Sunday is the departure day. All the other days are for your projects to flourish. 



The training is delivered by Klára Berg and Kateřina Martínková, trainers from the Czech Republic.

Klára helps young people to be active. As a non-formal education trainer she has been covering mainly political participation, activism, NGOs and volunteering. She believes in the power of non-formal education, social justice, human rights and environmental protection. Klára feels very lucky to work full time as a non-formal education trainer. Ten years ago she founded a youth educational NGO Be International and worked hard on learning all the tricks and theories and collecting experience to become a trainer. She belongs to the pool of trainers of the Czech National Agency since 2014, organizing European Solidarity Corps trainings, workshops and conferences for the National Agency. Her heart beats for long term trainings for young activists which takes them on a journey through public engagement. She is passionate about meeting young people who want to make a change and are determined to be socially and politically active. In her free time she loves exploring music at live music events, enjoying endless train rides and spending time in her beloved second home in Georgia. More about Klára: www.klaraberg.cz 

Katerina is a trainer, facilitator, youth worker, coach and co-founder of an NGO Brno Connected (CZ). She has more than 10 years experience with non-formal education and experiential learning, both on local and international level, currently focusing on implementing personal development and coaching into non-formal education. Since 2015 she has been designing and delivering international projects within Erasmus+ programme, focusing on topics of communication, cooperation, creativity, personal responsibility and sustainable entrepreneurship. For three years, she worked as a community manager in Impact Hub Brno, supporting young entrepreneurs in starting their (not only) social businesses. She is passionate about encouraging young people in gaining confidence to turn their ideas into action and creating meaningful projects that have a positive impact. Trainer profile: https://www.salto-youth.net/tools/toy/katerina-martinkova.4656/(or LinkedIn:https://cz.linkedin.com/in/katerinamartinkova)

Fecha de Inicio: 
27 de noviembre de 2019
Fecha Fin: 
1 de diciembre de 2019
Erasmus+: Youth in Action, National Agency Czech Republic
Prague (Czech Republic)
Tamaño de grupo: 
Para solicitar los cursos y actividades internacionales, por favor envía una copia de la solicitud al responsable del capítulo de juventud del programa Erasmus+ de la Comunidad Autónoma. Una vez hecha la selección del participante o de la participante se le enviará un mensaje de confirmación y compromiso recordándole la obligatoriedad de remitir al final del curso una memoria final y los materiales recibidos.  
Inscripción hasta: 
30 de septiembre de 2019
Más información:

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